Having recently opened up and put my story out there and having spoken to many of you about your personal stories, here is a little bit more about me …

My Happy Place

    • I have recently turned 23
    • I was born and raised in England and currently still live here
    • I work part-time in retail and although it might not be where I want to be in the long run, deep down I am not ashamed to say that I love my little job and feel extremely lucky to have been able to hold a job down
    • I have an older sister. We may fight, we may argue but secretly she is my best friend
    • The outdoors is my favourite place to be
    • Going for long walks is my idea of relaxing and I can’t think of anything better than sticking on a pair of wellies and going for a stroll
    • Alcohol is not my friend and therefore I don’t drink
    • I often wonder why celery exists …
    • Although I still have both of my kidneys, one doesn’t work properly
    • I don’t drive and although I am not allowed to drive because of my migraines, I don’t have much of an interest in learning either
    • My taste in music changes constantly. I love country and I also like recent music. As long as I can understand the words ( I don’t enjoy rap), I am open to listening to anything
    • Cosey, oversized jumpers and fluffy socks are my go to
    • I love Mickey Mouse and all things Disney
    • Cheese is disgusting in my opinion and I couldn’t think of anything worse than eating melted cheese or pizza
    • Neighbours and Love Island are the only two shows I will religiously follow
    • Although my blog is new, I have wanted to start it for a long time and have been writing posts for a while. Up until recently I just didn’t have the confidence to hit that publish button but I am so glad that I did
    • When I was younger I wanted to be a nurse and spent my time at school studying health and social care
    • My passion still lies within nursing and one day I would love to pursue this
    • I am extremely easy going
    • I don’t take life too seriously although I know when to be serious
    • i consume way too many chicken nuggets and eat way too much cake
    • Family is extremely important and I would be lost without both them and my boyfriend



I would love to get to know you too so please don’t be afraid to drop me a message.


Love Vicky x



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