Well, here is the truth. There isn’t one … and to me, this isn’t a big deal but to a lot of other people, it is and at first this bothered me but now, not so much.


Although I have never been a massive drinker, since turning 18 a few years ago, I have definitely enjoyed my fair share of drinks. I was never a ‘bad drunk’ but I have enjoyed being social with friends and have most definitely had evenings where I have had one too many rounds in ‘Spoons’.


However this didn’t last long. At the age of 20, I decided drink just wasn’t for me. At least not for now anyway.


Being in your early teens and not drinking is often seen as ‘abnormal’. Why wouldn’t I want to go out and drink? Why wouldn’t I want to go out and go clubbing? Having a migraine means 9/10 you feel permanently hungover. Depending on the severity of your migraines or the type that you suffer with, depends on whether you also have a constant background headache alongside this. For me, I have a permanent headache so the thought of a real hangover on top of this is enough for me to have learnt that enough was enough. Alcohol is one of the biggest migraine triggers for me and knowing this I decided to  not risk consuming anymore. After all, like everyone else, I wanted to get better didn’t I?


Now, I’m not saying alcohol is the reason I don’t go out as much as I used to, however, I definitely think it plays a part. If my friends are planning a wild night out, although they still ask, I’m pretty certain they already know my answer and to those who simply don’t invite me out anymore, there’s probably a reason why we no longer talk. I couldn’t think of anything worse than standing in an overcrowded club, flashing lights, blaring music etc and  I will 100% take a quiet coffee date during the day over anything. For those who I’ve said no to in the past, I can only apologise now if I never explained why.


If someone offers you a drink and you don’t want one, don’t feel pressured into saying yes. You also don’t need to explain, put yourself first and don’t give in to the pressures of those around you. To others, ‘just the one won’t hurt’ but to us and all of the other migraine sufferers, one is more than enough.


Maybe in the future I will enjoy a glass or two but for now, alcohol is not my friend and that’s okay. Remember, it’s one step at a time …


Love Vicky x




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