Anxiety. It springs out of nowhere and in my opinion and most it is unwanted.


You may suffer from anxiety yourself or you may have heard the word anxiety used before. Someone you may know may suffer with anxiety and you may not understand what it means or what they are going through.


Not everything mentioned in this post happens to everyone, some of the symptoms may be completely different to others and some may not happen to other people at all but I wanted to express that anxiety hits people in different ways.


I was never an anxious child and when my first anxiety attack happened, the fear took over. I was confused and had very little idea of what was going on. What if this doesn’t end? What if the anxiety continues? How do I get rid of this feeling? I felt horrible.


Growing up, I was never sick. I rarely got sick and the thought of physically being sick was enough to put me off.  When I get anxious, my main fear is vomit. The anxious feeling in your stomach, the tight knots and the worry just makes you feel poorly and this never makes the situation easier.


Whenever I’m having an anxious moment, I really struggle with my breathing. I feel short of breathe and almost like someone is continually pulling and squeezing my throat. My throat feels lumpy and like it is going to close up thus leading to more fear and more panic. It’s like a never ending circle.


Being a migraine sufferer, one of the many symptoms I experience is chronic vertigo and dizziness. When I am experiencing an anxiety attack, this symptom seems to go through the roof. I will feel de-hydrated and light headed and often feel as if I am going to pass out.


I’m on my own. I always feel alone and my brain completely shuts out what is going on around me. I don’t take notice of others voices, words or conversations and although I could be surrounded by many others, it’s like I am stuck in my own little bubble. My reactions and reflexes go out with window and my body almost goes into a shut down mode.


Do you suffer with anxiety? What affect does anxiety have on you? I would love to hear your stories and I hope that if you are going through similar or know of  someone who is, then this helps.


Love Vicky x















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