As I have previously mentioned, compared to most, I feel I have grown up very quickly. Being diagnosed with a chronic illness at a young age made me grow up. I wasn’t forced too but in a way, I had no choice. I had endless appointments to attend, ‘adult’ and ‘serious’ conversations I had to understand and pay attention too and many an hour I would spend on my own convincing myself that I was ‘missing out’ on a ‘normal’ teenage life.


How wrong was I? I may not have chosen the chronic illness life, it chose me and that’s okay. I may not have done things that everyone else has done but in a way I have. I have just done it my way, at my own pace and that is okay. Sat here now, writing this post, I am proud of where I am, I am proud of how far I have come and I only wish I could go back and tell my younger self just a few things.


Don’t be so hard on yourself


We spend so much time criticising ourselves. We pull ourselves apart, we pick up on every little flaw we believe we have and we continually compare ourselves to others. But why? Just because someone else has done something that we haven’t or someones life is a little different to ours. You’re facing life at a pace that is comfortable for you. You’re completing things when it is right for you. It doesn’t matter if it takes an extra day, an extra month or even an extra few years, your time will come and believe me, it will be worth it.


Slow down


Why rush? Why the constant hurry? Time. Time may be important but why rush things? Take in every moment, enjoy it, make the most of it and make the best out of the time you are given.


Losing friends is okay


Something I struggled with when I was first sick was friendships. I didn’t really understand why and even now, I struggle that some people just lost interest but that’s life. Some understand, some don’t. Some ask how I’m doing, others I haven’t heard from in months. But that’s okay. As we grow up, people change, friendships change and lives head in all sorts of directions.


Kissing a few frogs is definitely worth it


I don’t share too much about my relationship online because those that know me, know just how important my other half is to me. I’ve had my fair share of relationships in the past and I’m finally onto something good. However, there is no need to rush a relationship. Find someone when the time is right for you, find someone who properly understands you, settle when you feel you are ready and don’t be pressured into things just because of those around you – At the same time, if you are happy on your own, that is more than okay too. You don’t always need a partner to make you feel better!


Your health is so important


Often when I was younger, being poorly wouldn’t phase me and I would quickly brush off the thought of getting something looked at or getting a second opinion. Your health is so important. Yes, our bodies are clever little things and can fight off a lot but they are precious, they need to be looked after and sometimes, they can’t do this on their own. In order to grow properly and maintain healthy you must be kind to them.


If you believe something is not right with your body or you don’t feel 100%, please don’t be afraid to step inside that doctors surgery for a second opinion. Yes, it may turn out to be nothing but it could also turn out to be something and that something could be important.


All my love,

Vicky x



















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