The past few months haven’t been easy, they have been anything but, but that’s okay. Life wasn’t made to be easy and it wasn’t made to be simple. It was made to have hiccups, it was made to be full of adventure and it was made with the full intention of there being obstacles to overcome almost every step of the way. But you know what? That’s fine.


Throughout all of these hiccups, one thing that has remained the same is my love for the great outdoors. Nothing makes me happier than popping on my little boots or my multi-coloured wellies, sticking on a bobble hat on those slightly colder days and heading outside for a walk. Whether that be a small stroll around the block, a slightly longer walk around my local lakes or a full on adventure hike, there’s just something about the outside that makes me happy. To me, it’s my time. My time to just chill, forget about whatever it is that’s bothering me and it’s my time to feel grounded.



Since being diagnosed with a chronic illness, one thing I have learnt is it’s important to have down time. Finding a love for something and focusing on it has really helped me on those days where things get that little bit too much and being outside is my escape. Whether I take a stroll on my own or with others, even when I’m feeling low, something about it just makes me feel that little bit better. Having grown up in an outdoorsy family, it’s no wonder that you’ll almost always find me somewhere lost between the lakes and the leaves.


We are slowly approaching my favourite season of all. Autumn is finally heading our way and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m not sure what I love more – the fresher air, the beautiful scenery, the crunch of the leaves under our feet as we walk or secretly knowing that winter is coming next.  Being a chronic migraine sufferer, the summer months are certainly no friend of mine. I personally love the sunshine, I love the warmer days and the cooler evenings however, I have grown to realise they just don’t love me.




I would love to know how you all feel. Are you a summer person? Or is the heat a definite no no. Is winter your favourite? Or does the cold make your symptoms worse? I’m always open to new ideas and I love hearing about your experiences of various things. Remember, every day is a new chance to feel well and it will all fall into place, one step at a time.


All my love 


Vicky x




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