Although confident, I certainly have my insecurities and deep down, I can be quite a shy individual. Taking a leap and stepping outside of my comfort zone is something I have always been quite hesitant about. I like my little bubble, my space, my routines and facing new challenges is often daunting.


When I first decided to set up this blog and set up my instagram account, I was terrified. Taking that step and putting pen to paper was a massive deal and the thought of sharing my thoughts and opinions did put me off for a while. Everyone knows what social media can be like – it certainly comes with both the highs and the lows.


Since starting my migraineandmee and putting myself out there, the opportunities and the support that has come my was has been overwhelming and I often wonder about what I would of missed out on if I hadn’t of shared my story.  The community that I have built, the support network that is in place, the life long friends I have made and the articles that I have been lucky enough to produce to support others all make me incredibly proud.  It isn’t just online though – my confidence as an individual has come on leaps and bounds and a few years, may be even a few months ago, I would not have imagined that I would be where I am now. I say yes a lot more, I give new things a try, I take a leap and if I get it wrong, I learn from it. I said yes to a promotion, I now work full time and although it has its moments, I am enjoying every second of it. I wouldn’t say I am a new person, I am the same old Vicky that I will always be however, I am a much more confident, outgoing, adventurous version of her – and I am proud.


I popped a few examples below to just give you a little idea and for you to know that changes don’t have to be massive – they don’t need to be huge steps. Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something that is completely unique to each individual. Something that one person sees as simple and easy, another person might struggle with. Something that is a massive deal to someone, might mean nothing to someone else. By trying something new or something you might have struggled with doing in the past is a great start and by doing these things little and often, you will notice a difference.


  • Visit and explore somewhere new – Every once in a while, take the time to venture to a new place. Walk somewhere different or take a day trip to somewhere you would not normally consider going. Gather your head space in a new area and embrace something that you would normally shy away from.
  • Restaurants and eating out – Why stick to your usual? Why eat at the same place you always do? Try something new. When I was first poorly, my weight is something I struggled with. It is never something I have been all too open about but looking back now and seeing myself so unhealthy, has recently been the kick I needed and I know, I don’t want to go back to that. I’m not saying I eat out all of the time and at the same time, I’m definitely not on a diet but I like to try new things. Yes my eating is still pretty bland and because of allergies, I know what I can and can’t eat but I am now a lot more open to trying something new and having that ‘takeaway’ or enjoying that ‘extra portion of fries’ is something I no longer feel guilty for.
  • Take up a new hobby – Maybe there is something that you’ve wanted to try before but you’ve felt unsure. This could include joining a new club, starting a new event or meeting with people you haven’t met before and creating a new group. Just because your interests aren’t the same as others, don’t let this stop you.
  • Saying yes more – It doesn’t have to be all the time, we all know our limits but by saying yes more, your confidence will naturally grow. The things you were once scared of, you might realise aren’t actually too bad and whether it is one thing a week or even one thing a month, it is all a step in a positive direction.
  • Embrace your body and wear that outfit – Now, this is something I have certainly struggled with. Before I was poorly, I was not a healthy size for my age and fashion was not my friend. I lacked confidence when it came down to what I wore and I would hide my body under oversized hoodies and track pants. I recently went into New Look in my local town and there was a lady in the changing room who completely flipped my mindset. She was confident, she was sassy, she tried on her outfits with so much pride and seeing her like that, made me think – if she can wear what she wants, so can I! She looked beautiful. I stepped out onto the shopfloor and picked up a jumpsuit that I had looked at but thought to myself, I can’t wear that. I will look silly. I will look frumpy and I will definitely look unattractive. How wrong was I? The minute I tried it on, I felt instantly happy. I was confident. I felt attractive and I will wear it with so much pride. Who cares if someone else thinks I look silly? Who cares if I am not the same size as someone else? I will forever be thankful to the lady in those changing rooms who gave me the kick I needed.


So, say yes more, don’t be afraid and know that no matter what, we all stick together.


All my love,


Vicky x










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